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Today is Saturday, May 27, 2017

New Blog Name, New Design - Gorgeous In Grey



Finally after months of debating with my thoughts, asking my boyfriend and besties, and bugging my mentors and tweethearts for help renaming my little itty bitty blog - it came to me.

So we were sitting on the hotel bed in Manhattan during NYFW, trying to relax and catch up on what's happening outside of the Lincoln Center. A headline popped across the tv screen - GORGEOUS AND GREY. Insert whistles and bells and my glorious ah-ha moment. The segment hightlighted women who greyed early like myself and how gorgeous and healthy their hair was (like mine). All the women featured were under 40 with a full head of grey hair. I instantly said that's what my blog will be, Gorgeous and Grey. Well of course I debated about it for 2 weeks and when I went to purchase the domain name it wasn't available. Along came Gorgeous In Grey which I think is totally better anyways.

I spent the last 8 days searching and then working on the template and a new logo. My switch to Wordpress wasn't as easy as I had imagined. The template that I had stalked for months wasn't as customizable as the instructions tried to explain. Just like HeyBella, Gorgeous In Grey will still give you tons of fashion and beauty with a little lot of randoms thoughts in between.

I will still keep Hey Bella Blog for now. I have some ideas for her too. But please show some love to my new baby and tell all of your friends. A special uber uber thanks to all that helped in my decision ESPECIALLY my bf and my besties. If you've been reading my blog you know that they mean the world to me.


(meet me over at www.gorgeousingrey.com)

#FBFF Blog Awards: And the Nominees Are...


I haven't participated in Friend Friday all this month because I've been so swamped with the event coverage for NYFW. I was super excited when I revisited the email listing the questions for this week.

We're doing our very own FBFF Blog Awards, thanks to our FBFF bloggerista Courtney. I've nominated one blogger for each of the categories below and explained why. The bosses over at FBFF will tally up all the responses and then list the top five bloggers named in each category. Those finalists will then be opened up to a public vote over the next couple of weeks.

And the nominees are...

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WATCH: An Exclusive Interview with Androgynous Model Andrej Pejic



I tweeted earlier that I was totally fascinated by androgynous model Andrej Pejic. Shortly after, I found this Youtube vid on Styleite.com. You can hardly tell that this model is only 19 ... but boy is he riding this wave and turning this trend into his brand.

He says, "Sometimes I feel more like a male and sometimes more like a female. Certainly many now find me more feminine, but I’m both. And right now I feel very comfortable with it. I know what expectations are placed on me. As a woman, I am sensual and sexy. As a man, I’m more simple. I wear women’s and men’s clothing. But as a woman, the look is much better. Good men’s clothing is very expensive."

Repeat After Me .. "I am Not Your JiggaBoo"



I originally posted this in July 2010. Since then, Beyonce has been added to the now popular fashion trend of "black face" so I thought perhaps we should revisit this topic.

Fashion is always pushing the envelope for new and innovative imagery, but when is it too much? Just when you think that we've gotten over that racial hump we're sometimes reminded that perhaps some "ish" will never change?


OneStopPlus.com - Fall 2011 OSP Collection - Sultrous Garden


I am sure this was a much cheaper way to introduce the new plus size collection from OneStopPlus.com but it's a serious downgrade and disappointment from last season's spectacular spring fashion show. I mean I think Robyn Lawley is an amazing plus model but who wants to watch her come out 30 different times? After a while all those looks began to look alike. #shrugs

Maybe I am just mad because there was no show? Whatcha thinking?

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